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The Future of
Contract Review is Here

• 10 times faster contract review

• Empower customers to negotiate

• Improve the interests of the company





Why Contracfy


Extracting data to analyze documents at scale

Identifying key terms and clauses with checklists created by legal professionalsn

Providing risk control insights and mitigation strategies for your contract

Explain the consequences to client, with review suggestions and data visualization

Why Contracfy

Our Service

Check Fatal Errors

Errors in a contract can lead to misunderstandings or disputes between the parties involved, potentially resulting in financial losses, legal issues, and damage to business relationships.


Improve contract

Our platform utilizes NLP to analyze the pattern and type of contract you provide, providing customizable clause libraries and suggesting the perfect clause that tailored to your needs to add based on specific scenarios or situations. 


Our NLP-powered platform can understand and comprehensively summarize complex contents of various contracts. We also provide users with detailed explanations for their contract clauses.

Our Service

Supporting Parties

Patent license


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