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Your Contract Hero


Who we are

Contracfy is a one-stop legal-tech platform that provides smart contract handling solutions with top-notch NLP technology. 

Our vision

Contracts are involved in all industries. We believe time is of the essence for businesses to flourish, and we are here to optimize your workflow by making contract work fast and easy.  


Our Solution

Contracfy gets your contracts ready...... to the next level!

AI-generated recommendations for easy contract drafting! 

Analyze your past contracts and provide personalized drafting suggestions and templates 

Contact us for a 1 month free trial! 

Why Contracfy

One stop platform for contracts processing.

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Time Saving

24/7 Contract Reviewing and Drafting service

30% Reduction in time for administrative tasks 

5X Reduction of mistakes in contracts

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Smart and Personalized

AI helps get insights and draft suggestions about your contracts in minutes.

Recommendations are adapted to your company’s needs and detects all inconsistencies.

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Privacy Protected

Open the contract with your data privacy protected by our patented technology.

No more leakage of sensitive and confidential information.

Our Team

Our team comprises of specialists from NLP technology, business and UI/UX design.  

Our brilliant advisors support us from the technology and legal perspectives.

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